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Second Chances Kindle and Paperback

Joyce Westfield thought she had it all. Married to her high school sweetheart and being a homemaker was what life was meant to be...or was it? Joyce finds out that first loves are not always the answer to a woman’s prayer. It saddens her that her ‛plus sizeʼ figure had possibly become an issue, causing her marriage to fail. 

Joyce decides she had better start taking action to prepare for the inevitable divorce. She develops her talents as a baker and creates a thriving business, earning a decent living. Soon she discovers the ‘maturing and confident woman’ hidden inside her.  




"Second Chances" was the most pleasurable read that flew by smoothly, such a fast read. I love romantic drama that is well done, not being over-sweet or cheesy, but realistic, with well thought-out characters, with real-life dilemmas, actions and decisions.
Married to her high-school sweetheart, Joyce seemed to be happy enough, until finding out that not all is well in her painfully built paradise. Rob, her husband, is not as frightful as she thought he was, and Kevin, the young, charming man she meets makes her question her own ability to remain faithful as well. Her own independence and identity as a baker is on the line as well.
I enjoyed every moment of this page turner,and highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good read.' - Avid reader, reviewer

Joint Tenants Kindle and Paperback

When two people cannot agree on what love means, not all goes as planned. 'Curvy girl' Jasmine Winslow is madly in love with Wade Montgomery. But he has one obstacle. He cannot utter those three little words she longs to hear. I love you! Furthermore, becoming joint tenants in a home was not developing into the commitment she anticipated.


'After reading and loving Forever in My Heart I eagerly picked up Joint Tenants. Ms. McClatchey did not disappoint. I love her writing style and how she tells love stories in such an emotional way. Jasmine isn't just a woman with the wrong man. She's a real woman with insecurities I understand and depth that made me like her more.'  - Sansa loves Books, reviewer

forever cover 2018.jpg
Forever In My Heart Kindle and Paperback

Young Amy was shattered by the terrible tragedy that changed her life forever. Now widowed, how is she supposed to raise her young son on her own? The first thing to do is find a job. She finds herself employed at Green Gables, the local 'nuthouse', as it is jokingly called in their small North Carolina community.

The job is quite a new experience for a naive young woman coming from such a sheltered life. The old mansion is filled with the elderly and mental patients. A new boss eventually arrives on the scene.

Jackson Sinclair is strikingly handsome and well dressed. The sparks fly between Jackson and Amy, but they keep their feelings concealed. Jackson is fighting his own set of demons with an unbalanced wife.

Being a southern gentleman, Jackson feels he cannot declare his love for her until his divorce is final. However, they become exceptionally close friends. A kidnapping crisis involving Amy's son, Tad, brings out the true feelings between them. Can Jack be the one she can count on to make her life complete once again?

Will he be her hero?

'Forever in My Heart is a lovely, emotional, romantic and compelling story with true-to-life dimension. Amy is a young widow with a young boy who finds a job in a mental facility and immediately falls in love with a married man, nonetheless her boss. The story is captivating, a bit steamy, and tragic and reaches dee into the emotions of the reader. The characters are true-to-life with great depth and the story has quite a few unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader turning pages deep into the night.
A compelling, true to life read that is extraordinarily well done. I recommend highly.' - AmazonReader21889, reviewer


Radio Waves To Love Kindle and Paperback



The Amateur radio was only going to be used for emergencies, but her brother insisted she could use it to catch a man. Frannie Chandler thought he may be right when she heard the sexy voice of Pete Lake come across the waves. 

Frannie and Pete finally meet in an emergency situation and the sparks fly. But the action doesn’t stop there! Poor Frannie is the victim of an obsessed fan of voluptuous women who picks her out as his future mate! Will Pete once again have to rescue the love of his life? 

Or perhaps Frannie’s ex-boyfriend Dave, will re-enter her life as a changed man and bump his competition out of the way? Join Frannie in her zealous adventures on the air waves to love.

“Radio Waves to Love” was a very enjoyable read for me. It has all of the elements of a good screenplay including the romantic love triangle, outside threat, and a heroine with whom you’ll truly relate. Frannie, the heroine, finds her new love interest over a ham radio which I found to be rather unique as well. You’ll find yourself rooting for Frannie to stay with Pete and not go back to her old boyfriend, Dave, but she may feel obligated to go with the guy that rescues her from her stalker . . . Enough said as I don’t want to throw out too many spoilers. Read the book!' - Cynthia B. Bergstrom, reviewer


wendy bum magnet cover 2018.jpg

'Bum Magnet is a fun, fast-paced read that gets you wrapped up in Wendy’s story and exploits. The characters are well-developed, the story line is engaging and it fits the bill for a great weekend read! You won’t be disappointed with this great novel!' -Khalid Muhammad, author

Bum Magnet   Kindle and Paperback

‛Curvy girl’ Wendy Jackson, is set upon finding the perfect man. Common sense has abandoned her, leaving her prey to men with ‛not so pleasantʼ ulterior motives. 

Though her good friend Chad decides she is the woman of his dreams, his work is cut out for him. Maybe he should throw in the towel and move on. 

However, timing is everything, and stubborn pride keeps Wendy’s momentum going in the wrong direction. She finds out the hard way that a good man is not always what he pretends to be. 

Though she keeps getting into deep trouble; Chad appears to be her 'calm through the storm'. With her many thoughtless mistakes, will he soon tire of her 'Bum Magnet' choices and move on? 

Wendy may have gone too far by blindly brushing aside her true feelings…will it be too late to salvage the love of a potential soulmate? 


Passion In Peril   Kindle and Paperback


A cunning serial killer is terrorizing their neighborhood. Chloe Banyon and her close friends are terrified they may be next! The latest victims were particularly voluptuous young women, who frequented their favorite hangout, The Cellar. 

Chloe and her best friend, Monica, are skilled makeup artists, working at a prestigious department store. Cha Cha is a beautiful, exotic 'plus size' model, who fears her biological clock is ticking away. And madcap, red-headed Steffi, the actress searching for love and success. 

Chloe's boyfriend Harry, a detective with the San Francisco Police Department, is doing all he can to find the murderer before he strikes again. 

The deeper Chloe falls in love with Harry, the more she realizes just how precious life is. Join them in their close encounters with the demented 'man of mystery'. 

Will the killings stop in time? 

'The book was a fun read. The author, Deborah McClatchey, did a nice job developing the characters. I found myself so involved that my heart would beat like crazy during some of the more intense parts of the book. It was amazing how quickly I finished it, but then I couldn't put it down.' - Suzyqt, reviewer


Shattered Trust 2018 cover.jpg
Shattered Trust Kindle and Paperback

Shanna Blaine was holding out for that 'perfect' man. For someone who was exciting, gallant, and would love her madly in return. When she laid eyes on Alex Jordan and the sparks flew, she thought her dreams had finally come true. 

However, Shanna chose to overlook that all-important intuitive voice; choosing instead to put her new husband high on a pedestal and pretending everything was fine. However, things were not fine. 


'Yearning for a perfect romance—one that is not only full of passion but also rooted in trust—Shana Blaine finds herself having to decide between two man: the one she fell madly in love with, but is found out to betray her trust, and the one who fell in love with her at first sight, and who makes it his mission to prove himself to her.

The author, Deborah McClatchey, weaves a story of many hues, bringing together the magical feeling of love in all its wild turns. She describes the hurt caused by betrayal, the resistance to love again, the temptation to do so, and the healing that trust can bring with a perfect match.' - Uvi Poznansky, reviewer

So Much For Illusion Kindle and Paperback


Illusions of the extravagant Las Vegas shows are the beginning backdrop for this spicy story of misplaced love. Erica finds love with Nick, a troubled artist, who eventually explains his work comes first. 

Rejected, she falls in love with Alex. Does she marry Alex on the rebound? Sex isn’t supposed to become stagnant in a marriage, so what is the real problem? Erica struggles with her inability to communicate 'delicate issues' with the men in her life. 

When Erica's first love re-enters her life, all illusions are revealed in a moment of truth. However, has Erica placed her life in danger and her marriage in jeopardy just for an illusion of love? 


'I love contemporary romances that feature women at a slightly older age. It’s more relatable to me. A beautiful woman was torn between two men. One older and one that seemed just right. Some of the decisions she made are questionable. That’s what’s so great about Ms McClatchey’s writing style. It’s refreshing to get a POV from all the characters. It made me ask, what would I do in this situation?
All and all, I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, with full fleshed out characters.' - Donyale H., reviewer

LOVE BITES  Kindle and Paperback


Oh, to have that dizzying beautiful feeling of love at first sight! 
There are many reasons why this happens to us…some good and some…well, need a little more time to figure out. 
But occasionally, an outside interference can destroy what is meant to be: jealousy, miscommunication, secrets, and fear of being hurt…the list goes on. 
Enjoy eight short stories of love at first sight and how the potential couples managed to persevere. 




'Who hasn't experienced the thrill of falling in love...especially at first sight? Deborah McClatchey seduces us with eight tantalizing tales of couples and cupids!
However, love does not come with a guarantee and there are complications that arise in many relationships. Circumstances such as jealousy, fabrications, secrets, and unrecruited love, can hamper expectations of the perfect interlude.
Take a nail-biting ride on a rollercoaster of emotions with this intriguing collection. Highly recommended!' - Love2read, reviewer

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