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When The Circus Came To Town  

Kindle and Paperback



The Bosci Expo is coming to town. Tony Brazil and his best friend Paul, can hardly wait. But what they don't know is that this circus is bringing with it a cursed little being. The old ventriloquist, Pomroy Prettygut, once again has to clean up after the dummy's handiwork. He has had it with the little wooden man's appetites for human strength, but is resigned to the fact he must live with the creature until the curse is satisfied. 
A boy turns up missing along with Hank Budd, the town bully. Paul is worried for his sister because she too, has not returned home from the circus. 
Tony and Paul try to investigate the disappearances which lead them into near disaster. Have they all met with the same fate? What is going on with the peculiar Bosci Expo? 

Is there a killer in the circus or is he on the loose? 


"Circus can be fun looking through the eyes of innocent kids. But behind the many different characters in the story of this circus, some were freaks. Then there was Waldo Cornpepper the dummy. He was terrifying the teenagers in town. This is a real page turner horror story." - Grace Wedel, author


"This was a pretty suspenseful book and full of horror. I have always found clowns to be extremely scary and this read just reinforced that belief. The cover was indicative of the contents but all in all, it if is a pretty good read. If you like horror, give it a read..." - AmazonReader21889, reviewer


"I always found clowns and circuses for that matter, to be rather sinister and so this theme and these characters are ripe for a good horror story. A cursed creature, a dummy is on the rampage needing to satisfy its blood lust... Or is it the dummy at all?" - Zapple, reviewer and edit me. It's easy.

Aunt Tilda  Kindle and Paperback



Sylvia and Matthew Haslett had mixed feelings about their mother's old aunt coming to visit. They only remembered from the last visit that she was smelly and 'weird'. However, they were about to learn much more than they wished on this visit!


 Aunt Tilda had a unique way of taking care of unpleasant situations, and could spin the wildest of stories...Witchcraft being her specialty. However, could Sylvia's upcoming thirteenth birthday be the reason for Aunt Tilda's visit? What special event could Aunt Tilda have in mind for her young niece on Halloween?


 Sylvia's best friend Robin soon finds out that accidents can happen to those who try to interfere with Aunt Tilda. But can she warn Sylvia in time? Join Matthew and Sylvia as they try to figure out what their eccentric houseguest is up to.


"As they say, 'never judge a book by its cover' and especially not when it concerns aunts. My aunts are often a tad odd, I even have an aunt that's a white witch." - Zapple, author and reviewer
"The author brilliantly created a spooky atmosphere which was perfect for witchcraft and covens! Hooked me from the start. I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who wants a good short read." - Dianne Harmann, author and reviewer
"A quick and fast paced short story read in one sitting. A glorious tale that had me smiling throughout. Well written with great characters. Loved it." - Gary Pratt, author

Tuning In To Terror  

Kindle and Paperback



The Bennett family had just moved into the old castle-like mansion across town, Mr. Bennett’s dream home from his childhood years. The house was creepy and ominous and Bobby Bennett found he did not like it much.

When Bobby explores the attic and discovers an old radio that was ‘cool’ enough to put in his bedroom, things begin to happen. Strange and evil things!  

First, the whispers in the night, then the ghostly wants Bobby to do unspeakable deeds. And most importantly, it wants him to ‘replace’!  Bobby is terrified to find out what that means! 

But is Bobby only dreaming or is this nightmare real? He was not sure until tragedy struck his new friend. Evil can hide in the strangest and most innocent of places. Can Bobby resist the demands of the ghost who is driven by the ‘Demon from Hell’ before it is too late for his family...and himself?


"Quite scary. I highly recommend if you like creepy ghost horror stories. Had some BOO moments! Love it and recommend for teens on up. Read a few other horror stories by this author and she does a good job to frighten. Page won't be disappointed." - Richard, reviewer

The Forest Dweller  Kindle and Paperback




Children are disappearing in the deep forest high in the California Sierras. ‘Kidnappers’, is what the sheriff believes, but Lucy Doran knows better! She saw the elf-man in the woods that day, not to mention the horrible sight she saw in the window the night she baby-sat! 

Unfortunately, she can’t get anyone to believe her...least of all, her best friend, Candy English. Lucy finally begins to doubt herself. Maybe it was in her wild imagination after all. 

Will Lucy learn too late that you must become your own person, not a follower, and stand up for yourself if you know something is not right? Or will she be the meek follower and get led into trouble...trouble so bad she might not ever get out! 



This was a creepy book. You never know what's lurking in the forest. Or what's wandering your streets at night.
Children go missing in the small town and yet no bodies are found. Kidnapped?? The sheriff is stymied as he continues to search the woods with his deputies and his faithful bloodhound and come up with nothing.
Lucy and her best friend Candy torment Priscilla, their schoolmate...just because they can. Lucy finally realizes that Candy is bordering on being a bully! This book shows Lucy's growth to becoming an independent thinker, not to be persuaded into doing something Candy pushes her to do. Which could jeopardize her life!

I enjoyed this story and highly recommend for middle school on up. It does have some scary moments! I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review.

Beware The Riptide Kindle and Paperback



The Riptide was a very dangerous place to surf.  Anyone who tried it was either an idiot or a fool.  Josh Wentworth and his good friend Robby, could not believe it when their daredevil friend Billy, dares to take the risk, and is swept out to sea.


Josh blames himself for Billy’s untimely death, and soon finds a way to ease his guilt.  Coming across a book on the occult; Josh, Robby, and their friend Corrie, try to resurrect.  To their astonishment, they think succeed!


The mysterious murders in the neighborhood, lead them to believe Billy has returned to the living for a watery revenge…or has he?  Corrie and Josh realized what they had done to Billy was wrong…as once spirits are summoned, they are very hard to banish; it takes much more magical power to return the spirit to a body.

Corrie learns resurrection goes against the laws of Nature, and will only bring torment to friends and family members.

When someone dies, you must leave their spirit alone.


"Beware The Riptide is a great book for those NON squeamish teens. I thought the bully connection was brilliant,. Well written with a fast pace, albeit you may have to put it down to assuage your fears." - AnnaMarie - reviewer


"This YA horror story is quite creepy in places & yet educational throughout. As a middle-school English teacher, I can tell you there aren't that many books that can do both. Most are either far too adult for teens or far too tame to be called horror. McClatchey does a nice job of balancing the venom of Billy the Bully with Josh's need to cleanse his tainted soul. A great read for current & future horror readers alike." - K. Edwin Fritz, author

Ghost In The Kitchen 

Kindle and Paperback



On the first day of moving into their new home, Brandon Willpenny would discover something just 'wasn't right' as he snacked in the new kitchen. A mysterious chill in the kitchen, then frightening rumors from his new found friends about 'kidnapped' kids"?


That all sets the ball rolling for a reign of terror they would never forget. Ouija Boards and inquisitive kids, equal a horror they could never imagine. Would anyone be safe? And from WHAT?


"Moving into a haunted house is the worst idea someone can ever do. Your friends start missing in the neighborhood and when you find out eventually it's not good. I got shivers wile reading this story!!!!! This was a recommended book and my first in the horror genre. I happily give 5 stars." The junkie reader, reviewer


"Deborah McClatchey's "Ghost in the Kitchen," is not just another haunted house or a ghost story. Young boys fight their fears of the unknown to find out what the ghosts(who for some reason like to hang out in the kitchen) want from them. Then there is a mystery of children that have disappeared and the boys believe one of the ghosts have something to do with it. Suspenseful and spine chilling, there are twists and turns in the plot that keep the reader turning the pages...right up to the end." Love 2 Read, reviewer

Evil In Disguise  Kindle and Paperback



Charlie Peters and his best pal Marlin, visit the new pet shop in town. Little do they know that the unsuspecting, yet odd-looking turtle, is a fiend in disguise. The town bully, Victor Lockett, kidnaps the reptile and finds out he’s made a terrible, terrible mistake! The turtle is now on the loose and the killings begin.


"A very different and unsuspecting novella by Deborah McClatchey for the YA audience, yet it keeps with her other work which is written for an older audience." - Wizard of Oz - reviewer


"This book was extremely different from anything I have read before. A clever YA book that I received a free copy of to write a review. The intended audience will love this well written Novella." - Gary Pratt - reviewer

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