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Fallen Angels

Kindle and Paperback



The Government denies it. The media ignores it. But the evidence is irrefutable. Somewhere, centuries ago, a secret has been lost to time. A secret that for a brief moment in 1989 seemed on the edge of being exposed... it wasn’t Roswell! 

Awards: Finalist (top 15%), American Accolades Screenwriters Competition, 2004 (first draft) 

'This sci-fi novel was quite interesting. Historical combined with aliens. Conquistadors attack the Altanz village who try and keep their secret from being discovered. But the ’Obelisk’ is revealed and hence the story begins. Present day has General Jacob Fields, Retired Air Force, kidnapping a famous Hollywood director/producer, Oliver K. Stone. He needs to convince him that his story of alien ships is true. He has the proof. After a few days, Mr. Stone is finally convinced.

Young Kevin Grant, is an anthropologist working with archeologists. When in Chile, he runs into beautiful Simona Ortiz who is not who she says she is. I don’t want any spoilers here so all I can say is action, action, action… a bit of romance, intrigue, and a few raging military battles, this book has it all. And the end is surprising. Well done by this author. Hard to put down. Would make a great movie! I was given this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review.' - 1DreamReader, reviewer

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